"so much more than make-up ..... it's an unforgettable experience"








It's your special day
BUT here's a chance to make everyone feel special.
Have Go Girl Australia not only touch up your makeup
BUT also your guests !!!

The Ultimate Wedding Package

Imagine ........ it's your wedding day

You've just married the love of your life and you arrive at the reception.
You feel amazing. You are confident, your make-up looks stunning and you know your photos will look great.

That's what having a makeup artist on hand can achieve. Your guests are having the time of their life and they, too, look incredible! It's clear you've made the right decision. Go Girl Australia have helped make your wedding an unforgettable experience and everyone will be talking about your wedding for a long time.

Share the love and fun and make your wedding memorable for everyone with Go Girl Australia

Beauty team on hand for bride, wedding party & guests
Pampering for both men & women
Quality YSL & Dior cosmetics used
Experienced & qualified make-up artists
No mess & no fuss - just fun & great make-up

Go Girl Australia .... so much more than make-up ...... it's an unforgettable experience.

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